The Man Suing Sweden For $4.2bn

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Free Observer announce yet another deep dive into what we consider a bit of a “scoop!”

In this episode, we dive into the extraordinary personal story of: “The Guy Who Is Suing Sweden For $4.2bn”.

This is yet another example of a major event, which for years has either been ignored or exclusively covered from a singular and decidedly biased perspective by the mainstream media.

Victor Carlström’s early rise to financial stardom and success started at a young age, but ended abruptly when he uncovered a series of deliberate and long-running fraudulent transactions. These alleged misappropriations rose into the hundreds of million SEK, and, according to Victor, were sustained and hidden, due to a systemic collusion among the leading representatives of the main Swedish financial institutions and media. Once exposed, Victor believes the people and system waged a “war” against him, in an attempt to silence him.

Today, Victor is a refugee. He fled his native country in the middle of the night, and after an escape through various countries, eventually ended up and seeking asylum in the US. Fearing for his life, he now constantly changes location, and is under security protection. The endless criminal and tax investigations against him have never revealed any evidence or concluded in any court judgments.

His findings and allegations about widespread corruption, money laundering and subsequent covering-up, has never been taken up by the Swedish legal system, so Victor is now presenting it in a New York District court, as he sues the financial regulator, the tax authority, and two of the country’s biggest banks, SEB and Swedbank, for $4.2bn in damages!

Victor Carlström

Medieplatformen Free Observer er ikke nødvendigvis enig i de holdninger, der udtrykkes i interviews og artikler, men vi vil til enhver tid forsvare din ret til at ytre dig.

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