Sean Stone joins on how to take responsibility in 2020




Sean Stone is an actor and film director known for JFK (1991), Savages (2012) and The Doors (1991). He was born on December 29, 1984, in New York City, USA. Read more on his biography:

We continue our Scandinavian interviews with portraits of significant voices to facilitate perspectives, dialogue and criticism of governmental and corporate power in ways that add different angles to the mainstream news cycle.

A global challenge, such as the covid-19 narrative, requires a global response. Free Observer is reaching out globally to create a constructive cross-border dialogue from the people to the people. We believe that the vast majority of people in the world want peace, freedom and social justice and that this requires open conversations amongst the people and argumentation giving space for the “opposite point of view”.

We take the opportunity to contribute to a global consciousness free of narrow economic and political agendas. We build on a rapidly expanding international liberty movement. We believe in the necessity of transparent assumptions and free science. Free Observer is based on donations from people with this vision.

Medieplatformen Free Observer er ikke nødvendigvis enig i de holdninger, der udtrykkes i interviews og artikler, men vi vil til enhver tid forsvare din ret til at ytre dig.

1 thought on “Sean Stone joins on how to take responsibility in 2020”

  1. Tusind tak for dette interview. Gode spørgsmål Martin 🙂
    Og Stone har en skøn blanding af klarhed, kritik og optimisme. Det var en opløftende oplevelse


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