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Charlie Ward is a father and grandfather who at the beginning of 2020 felt more destined than ever to seek the truth. He had previously been informed about some of the dramatic events that would take place in 2020. When he experienced that these events actually did take place he became confident that there most definitely is a hidden agenda seeking to control governments and humanity beyond their will – and that made him go deeper into his search for the truth.

Today Charlie Ward has a team of 17 people helping to manage the 10 million followers and 5000 messages a day. His main platform is

See the full interview on shortly.

Free Observer is a Scandinavia-based global media seeking to do what the mainstream media fails to do. Free Observer started out in Denmark with overwhelming support from a large amount of free-thinking people. Now producing also in English and Spanish.

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Our mission:

Free Observer is based on common sense, courage and authenticity. We are here to inquire and seek enlightenment leading to significant and radical positive change: We are part of the rapidly growing global change movement.

We want to provide people with information, questions and tools to release the power of their own mind and inspire leadership in everyday decisions and actions.

We want to inform, educate and provide more voices, sources and angles to the news cycle.

We believe we can build a media platform based on integrity, transparency and humbleness, provide reflected information and ask the questions necessary to uproot and upgrade out-dated power structures.

Whoever controls the media controls the mind. Free Observer wants to help you take the power of your own mind.

Medieplatformen Free Observer er ikke nødvendigvis enig i de holdninger, der udtrykkes i interviews og artikler, men vi vil til enhver tid forsvare din ret til at ytre dig.


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