Different approaches to health; fresh air, pure water, food, medicine, vitamins, etc.

Natural Health | Ep. 1: Dr. Gaurang on the intelligence of our ‘gut brain’


As part of our series focused on (real and natural) Health, here we publish the first of several episodes, where Dr. Gaurang explains the critical importance of building sustainable health and immunity by very simple means, like changing our diet and our interaction and interplay with our environment. In this particular conversation we look particularly at the ‘intelligence’ of the ‘gut brain’, the importance of its health, how to achieve it, and the profound effect it can have on chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Diabetes. However, we also address some of the structural problems with ‘orthodox’/conventional pharma based treatments: the influence of funding, the issues concerning current ‘Evidence Based’ processes, and the overemphasis on *treating’ symptoms. In applying the principles of Functional Medicine, which are based on a Holistic approach to preventing and curing a wide variety of debilitating illnesses, Dr. Gaurang has transformed patients’ lives (including his own…


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