A global challenge such as the paradigmatic COVID-19 narrative requires a global response.

We are taking the opportunity to build a global consciousness and community free of narrow economic and political agenda. We are building on a rapidly expanding international liberty movement.

FREE OBSERVER is reaching out globally, to create a constructive cross-border dialogue from the people to the people. We believe that the majority of people in the world want peace, freedom and social justice. We believe this requires open conversation amongst the people and debate giving space for the opposite point of view.

Our generation is destined to make a fundamental difference for peace and humanity on a global scale. Vast numbers of people are becoming aware of a “New Age of Enlightenment.” It is a pivotal time in world history. This seems to be an era where all our human capabilities, good and bad, are emerging in front of us.

FREE OBSERVER is an independent investigative and honest media platform. We have no taboos, no underlying agenda other than, reality.

We aim to facilitate a range of perspectives, dialogue and critique of governmental and corporate power.

We also aim to add different angles to mainstream news cycles.

We acknowledge disagreement between different paradigms of knowledge.

FREE OBSERVER is an international non-politically biased platform for multi-perspective debate. We believe in an equal, rational and constructive dialogue on human conditions. We make room for analysis and critique of power and for the opposite point of view.

We are driven by reason courage and authenticity and aim to transmit the clarity behind the noise. We aim for openness transparency and good ethics.

FREE OBSERVER is an independent investigative and honest media platform. We have no taboos, no underlying agenda other than, reality.

1. Analyse cause and effect.
2. Cultivate healthy scepticism and common sense.
3. Take responsibility by not harming others and strive for wisdom and improvement.
4. Practice transparency, integrity and honesty.
5. Are humble enough to know that we can always improve whilst knowing we can also do something now.

FREE OBSERVER invites you to question live a full life and make the world a better place.
We create interviews, panel debates and publish articles. We invite your comment and discussion.

We do not support any agendas or preconceptions. We aim to get wiser and we do not entertain conflict.

FREE OBSERVER may not agree with views expressed in interviews and articles. We defend free expression with the responsibility for opinions lying with the guest or contributor.

We value diversity. We are obligated to listen to voices not heard on mainstream media.

We consider professional assessments, personal experiences and focus on the ball rather than the person.

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